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Google-Trusted-Photographer-1024x397This post is only in English, because some of the most popular 360 panoramas I have published at Google are from abroad. My homeland panoramas have also got a lot of hits. Some details of the stats later in this post.

I was contacted by Google many years ago and asked to join the group of Google trusted photographers. I joined the group, but soon after that an issue with Google to publish panoramas from Finland was brought up, so the whole thing was put on hold for a long time.

Now the service has been open for several years. I finally started to upload panoramas on December 15, 2016. So I have been in for less than a year. 10 million views is coming up in next few days! Cautiously calculated it makes 830.000 hits per month, over 27.000 in one day. That is a lot!

I have shot thousands of 360 panoramas all over the world. There are a lot of beautiful landscapes, street views, businesses, events and lot more. But I have only uploaded 260 panoramas in Google Street view. This is because I have not had the time to check out all of my earlier panoramas and I only try to upload the most interesting ones and all the businesses that want their premises to be found.

So what does it take to be a Trusted photographer at Google? You have to publish 50 panoramas and these panoramas must meet the criteria for image quality, connectivity and appropriateness. More info on this HERE.

KieloWhat does all of this mean to business owners? Finding your business at google search, Google Maps and Google Street View is important if your business wants more potential customers to find you. As a Trusted Photographer we are able to add businesses, edit their info, add photos, add panoramas and build 360 tours. Here is an example of Restaurant Kielo in Joensuu. If you type “ravintola kielo” at Google search, this result will open. (click the image to enlarge) After this you will have a lot of choices to make. You can view the street view or interior panorama, you can open navigator, make a phone call and much more. As a business owner you will have your own Google Business pages where you will see all the statistics of your business. You can for example edit restaurant menus, opening hours, contact info and a lot more.

All of this seems very complex, but this all is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is hire a trusted photographer and that’s it. I or one of the photographers in trusted team will do the rest.

Some stats of my most viewed panoramas.

Budapest 1 703 506 views: 360panorama

Bellagio 616 517 views: 360panorama

Joensuu aerial view 428 000 views: 360panorama

Kari Kola’s light art at Zorlu Center, Istanbul 180 000 views: 360panorama

Särkänniemi aerial view 38 000 views: 360panorama

Jyväskylä (Kari Kola’s light art) over 700 000 views: 360panorama

Ipanainen (small shop in Helsinki) 10 000 views in few weeks: 360panorama

More about Street view: https://www.google.com/streetview/hire/