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“At over 22 metres, the luxury yacht Star of Saimaa is an event space in the middle of the open water.” More information on the boat and equipment can be found HERE

Merja Laakkonen of Laakkonen Yachting Oy: “Presenting the spaces on a luxury class cruising vessel with traditional images and videos just wasn’t possible. Luckily we found 360’s way of presenting our yacht. We believe this is the best possible way to show off the space.”

Watch the 360 Presentation on full-screen mode.


The centre, located in Nurmes, is broad in scale and made up of a number of different buildings, including a hotel, holiday apartments, a caravan area, maintenance buildings, an arena and a shoreside sauna. Hyvärilä’s CEO Jason Koukku:

“We’ve been thinking about a solution to presenting our area and spaces for quite a while. This 360 Panorama solution is great and with these presentations it’s easy to show off our spaces and services we offer.”


When you order 360° panorama presentations through me, as a Google Certified photographer I can add the images to Google’s Street, MyBusiness, Maps and Earth services at the same. This way the panorama images are visible in Google’s search results, as well. Every year the panorama images I upload to Google’s services are viewed over 12 million times, which is immediately noticeable in my clients’ sales numbers.

YLE News Studio

Yleisradio’s renovated news studio. This is a good example of presenting spaces one does not usually have the opportunity to visit. The location is of interest to the public and YLE wants to show it, but it isn’t possible to keep it open to the public.

Voice of Finland

The 360 panorama images can also be uploaded to the 360cities.net, a site from which you can add them to your own website. The site is the world’s largest and the most popular service for panoramas. You can upload both 360 panorama images and videos to the 360cities.net site.