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3D-360 in brief: the camera system is built to take scans, that when connected are built into a total presentation including a 3D dollhouse model (the dollhouse is found in the lower lefthand corner). With the dollhouse model it is easy to grasp the entirety of the presentation and quickly move from one place to another in the presentation. The dollhouse model is a realistic 3D layout of the site. 3D-360 presentations work on all operating systems, computers and mobile devices as well as with VR glasses. The presentations are easy to share on any website.

The 3D-360 system is not suitable for event photography because moving subjects cause errors in the final image. For example, photographing a rock concert is better handled with traditional 360 panorama photography cameras and video cameras.

3D-360 works best for spaces you want to present online, but that are difficult or impossible to show to people live in person. These kinds of spaces may be clean rooms or laboratories. Real estate agents, hotels, restaurants, event venues and many other players that rent out spaces have made effective use of this system.