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Training sessions:

  • 360 panorama photography on SLR cameras / 360 camera
  • Gigapan photography (Gigapan images refers to a final product stitched together from dozens, hundreds or even thousands of individual images shot on a telephoto lens)
  • Aerial photography / 360 aerial photography
  • Pole photography (in some areas, drones cannot be used for photography, in which case photography poles or towers are a very handy tool.)
  • 3D-360 photography
  • 360 videography


The training normally lasts 1-3 days, depending on the scope of the content and photography skill being taught.

Goal of the training:

Gives participants good, basic knowledge about photography, image processing and publishing on various platforms and via various systems.

  • Presentation and history of the photography type
  • Subjects of use
  • Cameras and lenses
  • Panorama photography platforms
  • Photography techniques
  • Programs to use
  • Image processing and stitching
  • HDR photography and subjects
  • Things to take note of when taking photographs
  • Common problems and solutions when taking photographs
  • Virtual worlds
  • Publishing images and using them on various platforms
  • Final feedback and summary

I have taught panorama photography in educational institutions, media houses and companies, in addition to having taught numerous photographers in Finland and abroad. Oftentimes those taking the training already have had basic training in taking panorama images or other images, but need information on publishing platforms, for example. In these cases, the content of the training is built in accordance with your needs, taking out any sections you do not need.
More information about 360 panoramas here.