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The employee undertakes to protect the company`s equipment, records and equipment from unauthorized or accidental access, use, modification, destruction or disclosure. The precautionary measures outlined in this agreement apply independently of the storage media on which the information is stored, the locations where the information is stored, the systems used for processing information, or the information storage process. 3. The employee`s obligations, obligations, responsibilities and terms of employment with your company remain unchanged unless the obligations and responsibilities expressly mentioned in this Agreement remain unchanged. Responsibilities, performance standards and performance evaluations remain the same as for main job work (e.g.B. In the company office). The supervisor (team leader or senior manager) reserves the right to work on each site. Create a dress code. While wearing sweat throughout the work day seems to be an advantage for any work-at-home situation, employees may still need to contact customers, customers or partners via videoconference. An indication of the acceptable wardrobe in these situations is appropriate.

It limits absences. If you give employees the opportunity to work from home, if they start to feel sick, it is less likely to spread disease to the rest of the team. The result is a healthier, more productive team. You can really see the effects of this phenomenon during the annual cold and flu seasons — or the rare case of a pandemic like COVID-19. Create standards of presence and availability. One of the challenges you`ll find remotely is that you can`t just walk past a person`s desk to get their inputs on a critical project for time. Sometimes it feels like you`re chasing people and meeting them on Slack, e-mail and TEXT. Minimize this by setting standards to know when and how team members will be available. It can do for well rounded employees.

Employees with a healthy family life, social life and time for passion and leisure projects are better workers. Remote work can mean that your project manager is able to pick up his child from school, commit to weekly happy hours with friends, or finally be able to enrol in the programming class he wanted to take. When employees are fulfilled in other areas of their lives, they tend to show themselves better at work. If the employee and the manager agree and the human resources department agrees, a draft telework contract is prepared and signed by all parties and a three-month trial period begins. In this article, we outline exactly how remote work can benefit your business, the potential pitfalls you need to avoid, and why a thoughtful and comprehensive work work policy is the biggest factor in bringing your team to a successful end. Use this article to help you develop the Work From Home policy, which is the right one for your team. At the end of the day, the work is completed and the results are expected, whether it takes place in the office, on site with clients or at the WFH. The scope of these guidelines includes all employees who access your company`s network connections, data or devices from anywhere outside the office. We strive to provide as much IT support as possible as staff move away. Beware of your personal environment in public places.