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Do-it-yourself divorces are concluded without the help of a lawyer, and are therefore a much cheaper option. Divorce without a lawyer can be obtained in two ways: controversial divorces involve going to court and going through different phases, as follows: once the approval document and education plan are signed, curran Attorney will prepare the subpoena for an undisputed divorce. The cargo is assigned with a file number and sent to the sheriff`s office responsible for the defendant`s service. The divorce process is unique in that the summons must be served personally on the defendant. If minor children are affected, the consent document and parenting plan are approved by the family lawyer`s office. If the spouses have relationship problems, they can either try to save the marriage through advice, or if there is no chance of saving the marriage, they can decide to dissolve the marriage by divorce. In addition to the direct costs associated with the divorce proceedings itself, Hancox stated that there are many other “less obvious” expenses. This includes: between 2012 and 2016, the divorce rate in South Africa increased by 5%, while marriage rates fell. This is an increase in couples who decide to live together but stop just before the wedding. To begin the divorce process, you must have sent a summons. A divorce charge must be served on the accused by the court sheriff. Hancox said there is also the risk that one partner will be both savvier. The divorce contract could therefore be developed to the advantage of one and to the detriment of the other.

Mediation can drastically reduce the cost of a disputed divorce proceeding. Negotiated divorces are often concluded within three months. In a controversial divorce, the couple appeared several times in court, and the court decided on the terms of their divorce. This can result in very high legal costs and severe emotional damage and can take three years or more to resolve. “Sometimes there`s the temptation to rush into a “quick” divorce that seems cheaper and faster – maybe you want to get out of this emotionally stressful scenario as quickly as possible,” she said. Our family law specialists use their knowledge and experience to help individuals manage them.