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www.reddit.com/r/Veterans/comments/bd4bo2/anbody_hear_of_va_claims_insider_scam_or_no_scam/ My general impression of the VA Claims Insider is positive. I`ve seen a lot of their videos, and I`ve been interacting with some of them during my life by asking questions. In those cases, they were very helpful and provided great information. They gave a lot of good information, as long as some of their moderators/goals are much better than some of their others. About the information they provide, I think they offer an excellent service. They help veterinarians obtain independent medical advice, forms and etc. I know they ask for a penny for what they do. It`s sad that there`s even a need for a go Claims Insider, Vets Guardian, VA Claim Pros, etc. If there were no manipulation of the system and procedure for the disabled, there would be no market and there would be no need for these companies. I know first-hand that C-P Examiners is working on C-P reports that will lead to the denial of vets` claims. I know that VA advisors sometimes ignore the rules and practices of their organization. I know there are documented cases of VA advisors who deny sounding effective on paper to get a bonus or authorization to work from home.

I know there are documented cases where the VA has properly destroyed and hidden the files and records of veterinarians. If other veterans are surprised by this place, I ask you to stay away, because it is not worth the amount of money they charge you for their services. There are free services/agencies out there that are not interested in using you to make a profit (i.e.: VA, VSO, DAV, VFW, etc.). Unfortunately, this place is operated by Veterans and claims to be “Veterans Who Help Veterans,” but if they did, they would be a volunteer organization that would offer their services for free. These people are scams. One of them got in touch with my brother and led him to pay everything he was exposing. When he told me about them, they have a ring to check them out, and they started asking for screenshots of my ebenifits and dd-214. I had hard brakes back then. Then he tried to get me to sign the agreement when I told him I was trying to read it first.

When I couldn`t and signed, he told me that he would contact me again as soon as I signed the contract, I would put me in his “Docket”. The site was Janky, like a spam email. Quite crap get link to the history of VA employees deny claims to get bonuses, etc; claims are ER claims: www.kare11.com/article/news/investigations/kare-11-investigates-holding-the-government-accountable-for-promises-to-veterans/89-3cbe4476-b07e-4913-bf57-09125c7584b9 VA Claims Insider, LLC reserves the right to terminate the VA Claims Insider Elite affiliate agreement or insider mastery insider program access/agreement with the customer for any reason, including, but not limited, to: So I said I wouldn`t publish a link, but it`s pretty interesting, so we www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/19/03/r13410488/va-claims-insider-acquires-military-disability-made-easy-to-help-more- We VA falsely destroy Animal Registry: www.stripes.com/ig-report-va-has-been-wrongly-shredding-documents-needed-for-veterans-claims-1.404728 VACI-related service providers at discounted prices. Such services must be paid for by the customer with a credit card and the customer agrees not to send such refund fees to a health care program.